Job Description: Rad Waste – Transport Specialist (RWT)

Philotechnics is seeking a highly motivated individual with a positive growth potential for an opportunity to become a major contributor to our firm. This position offers substantial job growth commensurate with increased knowledge base and demands a demonstrated capacity for learning, independent work performance and a dedication to task ownership.

Position Requirements: The Rad Waste - Transportation Specialist will qualify for Commercial Driver’s License Class C w/H endorsement within 60 days of the hire date; assist in performance of Department of Transportation compliant shipments and provide radiological support for Philotechnics San Diego operations.

Position Location: San Diego

Travel: 20-25%

Experience Level:  A minimum of 3-5 years working in a continuous learning-industrial style- environment is required. Have familiarity with instrumentation use and documentation a plus. Capable and willing to multi-task and utilize instruments in the course of assigned duties. Must be able to work independently and complete assigned task.

Duration: Full Time

Compensation: Competitive (Dependent on Experience Level)

Position Summary- The Rad Waste - Transportation Specialist (RWT) will support operations at Philotechnics San Diego facility including all radioactive material movements. This will include but, is not limited to:

Basic Job Responsibilities:

      a. Willingness to meet Philotechnics client-base travel demands.

      b. Effective communications with staff for in-house waste tracking and movements.

      c. Adherence to prompt office work-hour requirements a must.

      d. Capacity to adjust work schedule to meet client-base travel demands.

      e. Demonstrated eagerness to promote increased responsibilities.


Specific Responsibilities:

       a. Load and Unload Shipments (Utilizing Mechanical fork-lift, dollies and etc.).

       b. Perform Client Waste (packaging, load and transport) in accordance    with DOT regulatory and client requirements.

       c. Assume responsibility for warehouse inventory and maintenance in accordance with requirements.

       d. Perform Routine Radiological Surveillance as instructed in support of license requirements.

       e. Provide Driver/Transport and assisted Shipper functions for client waste pick-ups utilizing Low Cab Forward “box” truck.

       f. Assist Health Physics Group (HPO) performing project augmentation for surveillance.

Position Qualifications & Experience Needed:

Must have a minimum of 3+ years of experience in industrial work environments

Must obtain 40-hour HAZWOPER; Medical clearance for PPE and respirator use.

Must demonstrate excellent communication skills for client interaction.

Work experience in California a plus.

Work experience with packaging, shipping and transportation of radioactive and mixed waste materials a plus.

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