Position Title: Health Physics Technician –  Project Decommissioning Support

Duration: Immediate – through March 2019

Position Requirements:   Will include perform day to day coverage of the health physics program at Philotechnics project site.

Position Location: San Diego 
Travel: None

Experience Level: a minimum of 4 years in various capacities performing health physics support. Class room experience may be used as substitute for on job experience.

Compensation: Competitive (Dependent on Experience Level)

Position Summary- The HPT will support operations at Client decommissioning project. HP shall be responsible for monitoring radiation levels in the work area and decontamination of personnel and surrounding areas prior to leaving each day. HP will initiate ALARA plan, work plan and health physics procedures and coordinate with Philotechnics RSO and client site HP program personnel.

Position Qualifications & Experience Needed:
Two-Year Technical Degree in Health Physics or related field and/or a combination of training and experience such as DOE RCT core, Radiological Controls Article 108,  Radiological Controls for Shipyards, etc.

Must have 40-hour HAZWOPER;  Medical clearance for PPE and respirator use.

Must be familiar with NRC, Agreement State and other related environmental regulations affecting work in remediation environments.

Must have excellent communication skills.

Send resumes to hrphilo@philotechnics.com


Position Title: General Laborer/Decon Technician

Duration: Immediate

Position Requirements:   This is an entry level labor position responsible for performing a wide variety of manual labor tasks involving contact with radioactive materials and other hazardous materials.

Position Location: Oak Ridge, TN 

Experience Level: High School Diploma

Compensation: Dependent on Experience Level

Position Summary: Work varies in the degree of physical effort required and includes the use of hand tools and vehicles such as fork lift.  Work may involve standing for long periods on concrete floors and performing tasks repeatedly. Tasks may include bending, crouching, lifting, carrying, and otherwise moving light to very heavy objects and equipment and the wearing of safety equipment/clothing, including but not limited to full respiratory equipment. Ability to perform duties in hazardous environments in accordance with OSHA restrictions for hazardous environments, including ionizing radiation.

Must be able to pass a HAZMAT Physical.

Position Qualifications & Experience Needed:  No Experience required. On the job training will be provided. This is a great entry level position for those that are interested in learning the field of Health Physics. 

Send resumes to hrphilo@philotechnics.com